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Deutschkanadischer Kongress  
German Canadian Congress - Ontario


               What is GERMANICA?                   

Germanica is the most significant public event of the German-Canadian Congress. The
event has been celebrated several times at intervals of 2-5 years. Honoured at this
occasion are contributions from various areas of human endeavour, impacting directly
on the progressive development of Canada and the safeguarding and preserving of
our German Culture and Language.

We bestow the „Heritage Award“ on people (i.e. individuals, companies, businesses,
organizations) who have greatly contributed., to the preservation of our culture,
traditions and language. We invite representatives of the Governments of Canada, the
Federal Republic of Germany, and members of the international  press.

Why  GERMANICA ?            

We are of the opinion that  Germanica is important to celebrate our culture and make
known the special contributions people of Germanic heritage have made to built
Canada and preserve German Language and kulture.

Of the eight candidates honoured with the „Heritage Award“ at GERMANICA  1998 in
Delhi/Ontario, four of them  became recipients of the „Federal Cross of Merit“,

Former German Consul General Dr.Wiprecht von Treskau  recognized Germanica 98
as a golden opportunity in getting to know prospects to be proposed as future
candidates for Germany’s highest Civil Service Award.

All presidents of the German Clubs are invited to be guests at  Germanica to get to
know each other better, to exchange information about their experiences, and to stay
in contact.

German-Canadian Congress(Ontario),   


Germanica 2004

September 11. 2004 at the Hansa Club in Brampton

Welcome speech by Ernst Friedel, President of the German Canadian Congress Ontario 

Honoured Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren.  Today we are celebrating Germanica, an event that takes place every two years. It's an event, which is the highpoint in our German-Canadian Community. An event when we all come together to celebrate our common heritage. 

As you have noticed by the introductions, many Presidents from the various German Clubs are amongst us, Presidents from the Umbrella Organisations, Publishers of newspapers and hosts of radio shows, friends from the German World Alliance and Professor Dr. Hartmut Fröschle from Germany, who is representing the VDA, an organisation that has served people of German Heritage all over the world for more than 120 years. 

We have representatives from the Canadian, German and Austrian Governments and the Mayor from the city of Mississauga her worship Hazel McCollion.  I thank you all for coming. 

Today we honour eight people from our own community.  People, who have made extra-ordinary contributions to the preservation of our heritage and traditions, people who contributed a lot to the building of our new homeland Canada.  I believe that it is very important that we recognize publicly, the contributions made by these people.

Over the years they gave many hours of their time for our community, for you and me. And they did it without being compensated for it. They deserve to be honoured!

Today, we are together because we are bound by a common heritage, a heritage we inherited from our parents and grandparents. This heritage is not limited to the geographical borders of Germany, but it includes people from many other countries, including Austria and Switzerland. 

Germanica 2004 was made possible, because over the past number of weeks so many people worked hard to prepare for the event. At this point, I want to say a sincere thank you to all the members of the Germanica 2004 planning committee who made the preparations for this day. Their names can be found in our Festbook.  A special thank you also to Reif Wines and McClelland Insurance Brokers, they donated the fine wine we will enjoy this evening. We also thank the Hansa Club for their co-operation and for allowing us to use their wonderful facilities. 

The Mission of the German-Canadian Congress has always been to bring our people together to be a link between the different German Clubs and individuals.  To represent our community towards the government and the media, and when necessary to speak out on behalf of our community.  At the same time we encourage our people to be good productive citizens of Canada. 

It is my wish, that this will be an enjoyable evening and on behalf of the German-Canadian Congress I extent a warm welcome to all of you. 

Herzlich willkommen und ich wünsche Ihnen allen einen schönen Abend. 

Empfaenger der German Heritage Award 2004:
von links nach rechts: August Popp; John Schwarz; Ingrid Sailern/Szauter; Sybille Foster/Rentmeister; Christa Guschewski; Heinz Guerlin; Anton Kraehling;
(und Steve Schatz on a European Tour at the time)



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